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5G Technologist
Digital Catapult is looking for a highly motivated person with a strong interest to work at the cutting edge of network management and virtualisation to join the 5G technology team. The role will be working on our advanced 5G Testbed, which is one of the best in the UK. Digital Catapult has invested more than £1M in 5G and network equipment, with primary focus on SDN, NFV, MANO, MEC and network automation. The 5G technical team is involved in several collaborative projects, including 5GPPP Horizon 2020 5G-VICTORI, as well as working very closely with vendors, network operators, vertical industries and the government on delivering meaningful proof-of-concepts for 5G networks in new application areas. This role offers an exciting mix of activities focused on practical deployment, running, and involvement with advanced service development activities for 5G infrastructure with a particular focus on network virtualisation, orchestration and automation.
Digital Catapult works with SMEs to help them grow and scale faster. It helps larger corporates in their digital transformation. It does this through programmes of collaboration and open innovation, by bringing academic leading edge expertise into the mix combined with the organisation’s own business and technological expertise.

Digital Catapult carries out applied research and development collaboratively in order to open up new markets for large numbers of SMEs to enter in new and emerging technologies. It achieves this by tackling large-scale digital challenges that are too complex, financially risky or will take too long for market forces alone to deliver.

We're growing.... and fast! But we need to if we're going to achieve our aim, so we need YOU! Energetic, creative, influential and somebody who gets things done.
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